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Tasters Reserve STD 91 Assam Tippy Clonal Orthodox Tea is a distinguished blend originating from the lush tea gardens of Assam. Crafted with expertise, this tea features select clonal leaves, hand-plucked to ensure quality. With an orthodox processing method, the leaves unfurl to release a robust and malty flavor, characteristic of Assam teas. The infusion of golden tips enhances its depth, resulting in a full-bodied cup with a rich aroma. Savor the bold and invigorating notes of this Assam Tippy tea, making it a choice selection for those seeking a classic and satisfying brew.


This tea is best consumed with milk and sugar


GRADE: TGFOP (Tippy Clonal)

SEASON: Second Flush 

SPECIALITY: Assam Tippy Clonal 

DRY LEAF : Clean Black Well Twisted Leaves With Prominent Golden Tips 

WET LEAF : Coppery Brown Infusion 

CUP COLOUR: Dark Amber Cup 

Taster's Reserve STD 91 Assam Tippy Orthodox Tea (100g)

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